No Nuts in School POLICY


We have children in our school who suffer from allergies, including nut allergies.

Children with a nut allergy can suffer life-threatening consequences if they come into contact with nuts, either through ingestion or through touch.

Although we cannot guarantee being a “nut free school” we would like to reassure children and families with nut allergies that we do everything we can to minimise the risk of them coming into contact with nuts. No nuts are used in the preparation of school lunches or snacks.

If a child does come to school with a nut based product we will continue to ask them to put this back in their bag and provide them with an alternative snack.

Can we ask ALL families to help to by not sending children to school with nuts products too.

Examples of nut products are:

  • Sandwich fillers such as:

      • Peanut Butter

      • Nutella/Hazelnut Spread

  • Packs of nuts

  • Chocolate and cereal bars that contain nuts

  • Sesame seed products including rolls

  • Cakes or biscuits with nuts in them

Thank you for ongoing support with this important matter.