Meet the Team

Staffing Session 2023/2024

Mrs zena diggle

Head Teacher

Depute Head Teacher: Miss Louise Innes - P2, P3 and P4 

Depute Head Teacher: Mrs Trudi Anderson - P5, P6 and P7

Principal Teacher: Miss Rebecca Vials  - P1

P1A: Miss Linsey Allerton

P1EB: Miss Amelia Etherington-Brown

P1T: Miss Rebecca Vials (Principal Teacher)

P1V: Miss Caitlyn Vanbeck

P2BD: Miss Samara Bell (M/T alt F) and Mrs Sarah Drummond (W/T alt F)

P2P: Mrs Gen Paterson

P2S: Miss Ailsa Sandilands (NQT) and Miss Samara Bell (Wed)

P3D: Mrs Shirley Delaney

P3F: Miss Kirsty Forgie

P3R: Miss Vanessa Rendall

P4FG: Miss Roseanna Gaffney (M/T) and Mrs Nicola Fergusson (W/T/F)

P4S: Mr Ben Stewart

P5I: Mrs Shannon Irvine

P5L: Mrs Emily Lumsden (NQT) and Mrs Elaine Williamson (Tues)

P5T: Mrs Katie Thomson

P6H: Ms Ruth Haldane

P6/7H: Mr Tim Hay-Heddle

P7D: Miss Rachel Dixon

Support for Learning: Miss Flora Livingstone and Ms Joanna Rose

Art Teacher: Mrs Amie Ferguson 

PE Specialist: Mr John McDonald 

Music Specialists: Ms Kirsten Ireland, Mr Chris Day, Miss Jennifer Marr and Miss Felicity Hudson

Classroom Assistants: Ms Amy Devine, Miss Amanda Lyons, Mrs Susan Nisbet, Mrs Isla Perry, Miss Pauline Reid and Mrs June Scott

Paid Work Experience Classroom Assistants (session 23/24): Miss Aiyisha Brown-Oz, Miss Megan Campbell and Miss Dielle Kitt

ASN Auxiliaries: Mrs Yvette Cowan and Mrs Sian Howie

Early Years Centre Manager: Ms Maggie Tait

Senior Early Years Practitioner: Mrs Monika Uhrova

Early Years Practitioners - Fox Room: Mrs Nicky Edwards, Mrs Paula Hay, Mrs Lara King, Mrs Janette Pollock, Miss Denise Rose Early Years Support Worker - Fox Room: Mrs Nikki McGimpsey, Miss Mia Hall

Early Years Practitioners - Squirrels Room: Miss Hayley Grey, Miss Danielle McNeill, Mrs Emma-Jane Nimmo, Mrs Amanda Royall, Miss Claire Rutherford Early Years Support Worker - Squirrels Room: Miss Caitlyn Kinnear

Business Support Administrator: Miss Kayleigh Szymanski 

Senior Business Support: Miss Kirsty McGregor

Paid Work Experience Equity Business Support Assistant (session 23/24): Mrs Hiba Obaid

School Auxiliary: Mrs Cara Lough

Facilities Management: Mr Ali Barron, Mr Blair Glynn and Mr Craig Thomson