Home Learning Policy

Our Home Learning Policy was revised in consultation with families, pupils and teaching staff. Most families felt that home learning should be less formal and be more flexible to fit in more with family life.

As from Friday 3rd November 2017, our revised Home Learning Policy was implemented across the school.

This is:

  • Each term children will bring home a termly grid with a skills based focus. There are 4 columns to choose from which include activities relating to Literacy, Numeracy and Beyond Number, IDL (topic) and Visions and Values.
  • Families have the flexibility to select tasks and plan when and how they will do these. All the activities on the grid are optional and can be adapted to suit family.
  • We encourage families to support pupils to complete at least one task a week.
  • The pupils will have a homework book should they wish to record and share any work completed. These tasks do not require marking but there will be recognition from class teachers for effort and creativity.

There is still an expectation for all pupils to read at home on a daily basis – please check individual grids for the teacher’s specific instructions.

We hope we have your continued support in engaging in the learning process with your children and we trust this will be a positive step forward.