Team Wallyford


At the heart of this school are people -Team Wallyford- staff and parents committed to working together to give Wallyford children the best possible start in life.

If you have any questions or wish to chat about anything , please email via
or call on 0131 665 2865 or arrange an appointment at the office.

Management Team

Head Teacher - Mhairi Stratton

Depute Head Teacher- Amy Perryman

Principal Teachers - Hannah Buchan  &  Emma Bennion


Admin Team

Business Support Administrator- Kerry Stewart

Business Support Assistant - Linda Reynolds


Facilities Team

Janitors- Ali Baron and Keith Malcolm

Cook- Joyce Baron


ASN team

SfL Teacher – Emma Bennion

SEBN Teacher- Heather Docherty

SEBN Worker- Stacey Johnstone

ASNAs- Janice Aitken and Donna Dunn

Learning Assistants- June Scott, Susan Nisbet, Cath Tracey, Kirsty McGregor


Teaching Team


Nursery- Hannah Buchan (PT), Abby Ingham (CT) , Janette Pollock (NN), Stephanie Henderson (NN), Julie Macdonald and Sarah Banks (NN) Rebecca

P1B – Cat Stout

P1R – Pippa Johnson

P1G – Mark Lambert

P2 –Lindsay Stewart

P2/ 3 – Vanessa Rendall

P3 –Emma Bennion

P3/4– Darren Swan

P4 – Chris Backe

P5 – Shirley Delaney

P5/6– Ruth Haldane

P6 – Hilary Matthews (NQT) 

P7 – Michael Egan


Visiting Team


PE- Kevin Barrie

French- Fiona Scott

Art – Gillian Lloyd

Music – Kirsten Ireland

Guitar – Alan Coady