Our Vision, Aims and Rationale

We are Team Wallyford

Together Everyone Achieves More


Our Vision:

We believe that every person can be successful and can work with others to ensure a positive future for everyone.


Our Values


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Encourage & Persevere

We know that everyone has unique skills and talents which should be respected. With  a “can do” attitude we can achieve even more.

  • I use and share my talents and have a go at learning new things.

  • I support and encourage others to do the same.


We know that TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More.

  • I listen to others and value their contributions.

  • I share my skills,  ideas and knowledge with others respectfully.

Choose Responsibly

We know that it is important to be informed to make good choices

and can get help to make decisions that affect us.

  • I know I can work on my own and as a team to do this.

  • Through a variety of experiences I learn to make the right and honest decisions.

Respect and Care

We know that different people need different support at different times in order to reach their full potential.

  • I am polite, caring  and show respect to everyone.

  • I will ask for help when I need it and offer help to others.