Absence and Attendance


Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child attends school regularly and where an absence should occur, informing the school office as to the nature of non-attendance and possible length. 

 In cases of unsatisfactory attendance, we will visit the home and discuss the problem with the parents. If such unsatisfactory attendance continueswe will decide whether the case should be referred to the Local Area Attendance Advisory Group. This Group has been formed to make recommendations to the Executive Director of Services for People on the statutory responsibilities of the Authority with regard to defaulting parents.

Holidays - Parents should be encouraged to take holidays wherever possible out with term times. Where parents wish to keep their child off school for some reasonable purpose, they are asked to write to the school before doing so.

Appointments - Where pupils have an arranged appointment during school hours e.g. dentist, hospital they should bring a note or appointment card to school before the appointment. Please make the class teacher and the school office aware of these appointments in advance. 


If your child is absent, please phone the school office on 0131 665 2865 to explain the reasons, if not, the school office staff will phone you to enquire and log the absence on school records. If the school is not informed of your child’s absence before 10:00am, the Parent/Carer contact details will be forwarded to Children's Services at Randall House Macmerry. Failure by them to contact you by telephone or a home visit will result in the police being contacted.


It is important that children arrive in school in time for the start of each session. If your child is going to be late, please phone or send a brief note to school. All late comings are recorded on the school register. Continual lateness to school will be flagged up and a letter will be sent home. If lateness persists it may be necessary for you to attend a meeting in school to address this.